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Gas and Volatile Testing Methods

  Varian GC-MSMSThe following list is a sample of some of our gas and volatile testing methods that were developed in-house, together with those developed specifically to meet customer requests. Additionally, the list includes methods that were developed by major gas suppliers, and successfully transferred. It includes several Limits of Quantitation (LOQs); some of these can be lowered upon request.

If your gas and volatile testing needs and methods are not listed below, we can custom develop and validate new methods under any compliance guideline (CGA, FDA, etc.)

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  Air Samples for the Presence of Natural Gas by GC/FID and GC/TCD (LOQ = 10 ppm)
  Beverage Grade Carbon Dioxide for BTEXXX by GC/MS (LOQ = 5 ppb)
  Freons for Impurities by GC/FID (LOQ = 5 ppm)
  Gases by Gas-Cell FTIR (LOQ = ppb range)
  Gases for Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Methane by GC-Methanizer/FID (LOQ = 1 ppm)
  Gases for Composition Determination by MS (LOQ = 0.001%)
  Gases for Impurities by Detector Tube (LOQ = ppm range)
  Gases for Non-Condensable Gases by GC/TCD
  Gases for Odor and Taste
  Gases for Particulate Matter by Gravimetry (LOQ = 0.1 mg/m3)
  Gases for Parts-Per-Million Impurity Levels by MS
  Gases for Total Hydrocarbon Content in Methane Equivalents by GC/FID (LOQ = 100 ppb)
  Gases for Total Sulfur Content by GC/SCD (LOQ = 500 ppb)
  Gases for Volatile Hydrocarbons by GC/FID (LOQ = 50 ppb)
  Gases for Volatile Oxygenates and Benzene by GC/FID (LOQ = 100 ppb)
  Gases for Volatile Sulfur Compounds by GC/SCD (LOQ = 5 ppb)
  Gases for Water Vapor by Karl-Fischer Titration (LOQ = 100 ppm)
  Gases for Water Vapor by Microprocessor-based Hygrometry (LOQ = 100 ppb)
  Gases inside Hermetically Sealed Devices with Inner Cavity Volumes as Low as 0.001 cc by MS
  Gases using Charcoal Tube Concentration and Extraction Techniques (LOQ = 5 ppb)
  Gases and Liquids for Halogenated Hydrocarbons by GC/MS (LOQ = 10 ppb)
  Gases and Liquids for Total Non-Methane Hydrocarbons by GC/FID (LOQ = 10 ppm)
  Gases and Liquids for Unknown Impurities by GC/MS (LOQ = ppm to ppb range)
  Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon Gas Mixes for Total Composition by GC
  Hydrogen to meet the 99.9995% FID specification
  Impurities in Cryogenically Sampled Nitrogen and Argon by GC/PDD (LOQ = 200 ppb)
  Inert Gases in Helium by GC/PDD (LOQ = 100 ppb)
  LIN/LAR for Parts-Per-Million Oxygen by Trace Oxygen Analyzer (LOQ = 100 ppb)
  LIN/LOX/LAR for Impurities by FTIR (LOQ = ppb range)
  LIN/LOX/LAR for Impurities by GC/FID/TCD
  LIN/LOX/LAR for Impurities by GC/TCD
  LIN/LOX/LAR for THC by THC Analyzer (LOQ = 100 ppb)
  LIN/LOX/LAR for Water Vapor by Panametrics Hygrometer (LOQ = 200 ppb)
  Liquid Carbon Dioxide for Non-Volatile Residue & Particulates by Gravimetry (LOQ = 2 ppm)
  Liquids for BTU Content by Bomb Calorimetry
  Liquids for Density and Specific Gravity
  Liquids for Physical Appearance and Odor
  Liquids for Water Content by Karl-Fischer Titration
  Low Level Volatile Gas Components
  LOX for % Oxygen by Servomex Purity Analyzer
  LOX/LAR for Parts-Per-Million Nitrogen by Ion Mobility Analyzer
  Natural and Refinery Gases for BTU Content by GC (LOQ = 0.001%)
  Nitrogen via MS for EP Certification
  Nitrogen via MS for USP/NF Certification
  Oils by Micro-FTIR (Identification)
  Organic Vapor Monitors for Naptha & Diglyme Content by GC/FID
  Propylene for Methanol Content by GC/FID (LOQ = 100 ppb
  Pure Gases by Mass Spectrometry
  UHP Helium to meet 99.9995% specification (LOQ = 100 ppb)
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